About Polymer Fabricated Products 2009 Ltd

About the PFP Team

Gerard Richardson is the owner and director of the family run business Polymer Fabricated Products (PFP09). Our direction in Polyethylene Fabrication knows no bounds as you can see from our wide and varied range of products.

PFP09’s team have a passion for their industry. Their extensive research and weld time on both product and technique mean they can design and build almost anything out of polymer sheet.

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The PFP Vision

The PFP team prides themselves in keeping five steps ahead of anyone else in the field of polyethylene extrusion welding. PFP have a vision to setup joint venture partnerships through New Zealand, The Pacific Islands, Indonesia and Australasia, for flatpacking our products, training for fabrication on site by the local population, with employment of the local workforce, for products used by the local communities. PRODUCTS – EMPLOYMENT – GROWTH.

What PFP do

Specialists in HMWPE welding

Polymer Fabricated Products 2009 Ltd specialise in High Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE) extrusion welding. HMPE is a food grade polyethylene which has been developed, tested and used in Europe for decades.

PFP09 have, as Kiwis often do, thought outside the square taking the art of polyethylene extrusion welding on a new and innovative path. We’ve developed new products pushing the boundaries of our industry while always adhering to and achieving the highest standards for welding.

Quality + expertise = great results

Our quality control begins with ensuring our New Zealand supplier of HMPE sheet uses only 100% virgin HMPE granules for our fabrication sheets. We also only use 100% virgin HMPE granules in the extrusion of our welding rod. PFP09 do not use regrind on any part of any project.

The same high quality is then applied to our fabrication techniques. To ensure a complete bond of materials, there are three stages to polymer welding. Our tri-weld technique ensures a uniform and true weld between parent materials and weld. Our controlled weld cooling system also helps ensure a true uniform weld. Patterns are CNC machine cut for precision welding and a high quality finish.

PFP09 are the cutting edge of High Modulus Polyethylene Welding with projects to compete with traditional sheetmetal fabrication.

PFP09 use only the best quality polyethylene polymer and equipment including the highest tech European extrusion welding equipment..

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Custom design and build

PFP design and build polyethylene products to your specifications.

  • In-ground tanks
  • Septic tanks
  • Stormwater Retention tanks
  • Stormwater Detention tanks
  • Slimline detention tanks
  • Low profile detention tanks
  • Water tanks
  • Waste water treatment tanks
  • Septic Treatment Tanks
  • Water cartage tanks
  • Grease traps
  • Recycling waste water tanks
  • Caravan water tanks and mobile home water tanks
  • Front end loader rubbish bins
  • Plastic swing bins
  • Rubbish skips
  • Large high-grade plastic chilly-bins
  • Aquaculture Tanks
  • Aquaculture Jetties
  • Polyethylene boats
  • Pontoons, Jetties, Boats
  • Motorised Pontoons
  • Houseboats
  • Barges & floating platforms

Innovative and eco-friendly

At PFP we pride ourselves on being five steps ahead of our competitors in every area of polymer sheet fabrication and polyethylene welding.

Our processes are eco-friendly and our material is able to be recycled.

PFP09 distribution partnerships are available

Please see our Business opportunities with PFP09 page here for more info.

Contact PFP

Please contact us with any enquiries. Contact details are on the PFP Contact Us page.