Polymer Fabricated Products 2009 Ltd

Innovators and leaders in the art of plastic extrusion welding.

Polyethylene Extrusion Welding specialists

Polymer Fabricated Products (PFP09) are leaders in the art of polyethylene extrusion welding.

Using High Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE) polymer sheet we are able to fabricate to almost any dimension, shape or size.

Custom design and build

PFP09 design and build polyethylene products to your specifications. If it can be made out of polyethylene sheeting, we can do it!

  • In-ground tanks
  • Septic tanks
  • Stormwater Retention tanks
  • Stormwater Detention tanks
  • High-grade plastic water tanks
  • Waste water treatment tanks
  • Septic Treatment Tanks
  • Water Cartage Tanks
  • Recycling waste water tanks
  • Caravan water tanks and mobile home tanks
  • Front end loader rubbish bins
  • Polyethylene swing bins
  • Rubbish skips
  • Grease Traps
  • Chilly-bins
  • Polyethylene boats
  • Pontoons and jetties
  • Motorised Pontoons
  • House boats
  • Aquaculture Tanks
  • Aquaculture jetties
  • Aquaculture Docks
  • Floating platforms
  • Polyethylene Barges

Innovative and eco-friendly

At PFP09 we pride ourselves on being five steps ahead of our competitors in every area of polymer sheet fabrication and polyethylene welding.

Our processes are eco-friendly and our materials are able to be recycled.

PFP09 distribution partnerships are available

Please see our business opportunities with PFP09 for more info.

Contact PFP09

Please contact us with any enquiries. Contact details are on the PFP09 Contact Us page.